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At Cypress Orthodontic Pediatric Dentistry we provide the friendliest and most efficient orthodontic and pediatric oral care in the area. Our state-of-the-art facility is equipped with all of the latest and greatest technology to ensure that you and your family members are getting the highest quality service possible. We believe that in order to provide the best customer service and patient care, we need to make sure our patients feel welcome and comfortable during their visit. We do this by treating every individual, regardless of age, is if they were one of our own family members. If you want a dental clinic in Cypress, TX, that is dedicated to showing you courtesy, respect, and kindness in order to gain your trust and to build a long-lasting relationship with you and your family, we're the premier choice in Cypress and the surrounding area.

Our services include:
  • Orthodontic Dentistry – If this is your first visit, then our primary mission is to acclimate you to our staff, environment, and culture. Following a thorough review of your concerns and medical history, we will perform a complete oral exam. From there, we provide suggestions for future orthodontic treatments.Treatments we offer include but are not limited to spacers, traditional braces, Invisalign, oral hygiene instruction, final records, and much more.
  • Pediatric Dentistry – We are specialists in pediatric care. We understand that the most important step in child dental care is familiarizing your child with the staff and office environment. From there, we will perform an oral examination on your child and an x-ray if needed before proposing and planning future treatments. Furthermore, we will give you the best instructions and advice for dealing with your child’s dental health. To make our environment as comfortable as possible for your little one, we do not mention “bad words” such as “drill”, “shot” or “needle”. Lastly, we care for our patients and show an abundance of compassion toward every individual in our office. We also offer sedation dentistry so you or your little one won't have to experience discomfort or pain during a procedure.
If you only want the best for orthodontic and pediatric dental care, call Cypress Orthodontic Pediatric Dentistry at (281) 256-8585 today and schedule an appointment.

We opened our Dental Clinic in 2006.

We are located at 14315 Cypress Rosehill Rd, 100, Cypress, TX.

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